Monday, 4 June 2012

UPDATE: Dana Airline crash (Dana staff speaks)

The CEO of Dana Air, Jacky Hathiramani

Whistleblower: A Dana Airline staff who just called into Channels TV has officially confirmed all the facts that that the ill fated plane was actually faulty and was not supposed to fly. The Station Manager with the airline had advised that the plane should not leave Abuja or be allowed to fly except the faulty part is fixed but the Management of Dana ignored his advise and proceeded to use the plane for a full round trip. This means the plane was doomed to crash.

 Management ignoring the engineer's advise and proceeding to fly only means they put their personal gain over the lives of 153 individuals.

The Govt should not set up a shadow committee that will drag this issue and gain nothing just like they did with the subsidy probe. It is simple:.
  • Someone must go to jail
  • Dana to pay families heavily, so much so that they go bankrupt...YES!!!
  • Dana Air should never be allowed to fly in Nigeria
President Jonathan and Gov Fashola visited the crash site today amid tight secuirty. So far, 70 bodies have being removed from the crash site.

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