Saturday, 31 March 2012

Summary of JAMB results...

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has released the results of the 2012 UTME, revealing that only 3 candidates scored above 300. Forty four percent(44.8%) of registered candidates scored above 200, with 901 candidates scoring between 270 – 299, 71,339 candidates scoring between 250 – 269 and 601,151 candidates scoring between 200 – 249.

 It gets worse yearly right? i Hope this does not mean thousands more will sit at home to re-write JAMB again?

Timi Dakolo weds babymama today...congratulations!!

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Friday, 30 March 2012

Soldiers kill 6 in Jos....curfew imposed.

The Nigerian army Special Task Force (JTF) in the troubled city of Jos town, capital of Plateau on Thursday night shot six youths to death in Tudun Wada area of Jos following a family squabble, several others were injured and currently receiving treatment in nearby  hospitals.
The situation led to chaos in the area as residents got panicked by the killings. A curfew has been imposed in the Tudun Wada community.
According to Maurice Jerry, leader of the Tudun Wada Youths trouble started when two brothers had a disagreement and  the younger one reported his older brother to the STF.

Bola Tinubu turns 60.......1billion spent on celebration

Former governor of Lagos, Bola Tinubu had another leg of his  60th birthday celebration at the Teslim Balogun stadium in Lagos yesterday.The former governor's month-long event is costing Lagosians and several Action congress states N1 billion with local government areas forced to cough out N10 million each. The government of Lagos state puts in N150 million. Governors of Ogun, Ondo, Edo, Osun, Oyo and Edo states all made N50 million donation each.The rest of the money was donated by lawmakers and other politicians and contractors who benefit from the largesse dolled out during the former governor's reign in Lagos and beyond.

This is as reported by Sahara reporters....

If this is not the height of waste, what else do you call it? The state Governors for example will take that money from the state account just to contribute for people to come and eat rice and cake while our healthcare and education systems are in shambles!


One week to delivery? LOL

ewwww....Please someone should caption this for me.

Jennifer Hudson to perform @ Nigerian Idols finale

Jennifer Hudson

If everything goes according to plans, Grammy Awards winner and American Idol, Jennifer Hudson, might be the headlining act at the grand finale of the Nigerian Idol holding in April. According to sources close to the show’s Nigerian franchisee, Optima Media Group, Hudson has been approached and is ready to visit Nigeria for the first time. “We have concluded all arrangements to make her perform at the idol finals. In fact, organisers of the American Idol are the go-between. So, it is taken for granted that she will be in Nigeria in April,” the source tells E-Punch exclusively.

Pictures: The faces of crime suspects

I believe most of you have heard of the fraud carried out on the police pension fund to the tune of about N18billion naira. Well the six suspects were arrainged in court yesterday. They arrived and were covering their faces from cameramen......the shame!!! All these people are still suspects for now though but i have to ask, how will their children be feeling about their parents at this time???  

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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Is RMD taking wife number two?


Remember how Tiger woods had an accident that led to the press uncovering all those extra-marital affairs he had? Yes, this sounds like de ja vu because RMD was involved in an accident some weeks ago and a magazine is reporting something similar.

 According to News of the People, Nollywood actor, lawyer and now Delta State Commission for Culture and Tourism, Richard Mofe Damijo, popularly known as RMD, has taken another woman as wife number two to his darling known legal wife, Jumobi Mofe Damijo, nee Adegbesan.
According to this magazine’s very reliable source, the indications, which before now were not easily substantiated, became allegedly evident after the handsome actor survived a fatal auto accident months back. On the heels of the accident, there were random reports in several tabloids and electronic media that RMD, his driver and an unidentified occupant in the vehicle were the survivors of the road mishap. Our investigation through our source, has however confirmed that the unidentified occupant of the vehicle was actually a lady, who interestingly had with her a baby. This lady, we were told, is allegedly said to be his secret wife, while the baby is RMD’s own, both of whom are said to be domiciled in Asaba, capital of Delta State, where RMD presently stays officially as a commissioner.

2 British national charged to court for visa forgery by NIS

So, while our people are hustling to go to UK, some of them are hustling to stay back in Naija. Oh yea! Two british nationals were charged to court for forging their visa....i dont know about you but i laughed when i saw this! There must be gold on the streets of Nigeria for them.

Read full story as reported  by Daily times

Dangote truck driver kills student of Benue State University

properties destroyed iin the chaos that ensued

the truck set on fire by angry students

According to an eye witness, one of the Dangote truck drivers killed a final year Economics student at the Benue State University yesterday. The driver was said to have been driving recklessly when he knocked the student and escaped from the scene to avoid lynching.

Other students took to the road to protest by setting up bonfires and in the process held up vehicular movement for over 4 hours along the the road. Police was dispatched to the scene to restore peace but as is their typical style, they shot sporadically into the air and in the process shot another 100 level student.

The driver is in police custody and the school closed until further notice.

Update: i have just being informed that the victim was not a student but the P.R.O of okada riders. Anyone who can confirm this?

New face of N5000 note!! Lol

On a N5000 note?? Yeah right!

Man commits suicide in Ilorin

The husband of Prof. Oyeronke Olademo of the Department of Religions, University of Ilorin, Olubunmi, was on Wednesday found dangling from a tree in the family’s uncompleted building at Oke-Odo, Tanke, Ilorin, Kwara State.
According to a source, who pleaded anonymity, Olademo requested some money from his wife on Tuesday. But Oyeronke was said to have declined his request.
Our correspondent learnt that Olubunmi, a businessman, had initially left a note threatening to commit suicide if his wife refused to give him the money.
Our correspondent was informed that Olademo later called his wife on the phone reiterating his threat, but she would not bulge, instead she reported the matter at the Tanke Police Station.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Octomom shows off post baby body by posing semi-nude



After 14 kids, you have to give it to her she tried!!!
She was paid $10,000 by Closer magazine for posing semi-nude.

Is Banky W secretly dating Dencia?

Banky W


Bola Tinubu celebrates birthday by donating to the homes of the physically challenged

The former Governor of Lagos state will be 60 years old on the 29th of March, to celebrate this great day, he made donations worth thousands to less priviledged.


Rihanna: The new judge on X-factor

Rihanna is the new judge on Fox's X-factor. Britney Spears was being considered for the job and was almost through with conclusions to be the judge on x-factor but that didnt pull through so Rihanna who was also under consideration now has the new spot!!!

29 years old man rapes in-law!

I am tired of reporting all these bad news sha.....rape is always a sad story to report. When will the issue of  rape be taken 100% seriously in this country? Anyway, read story below.
29-year-old Titus Ime raped his in-law, a 19-year-old woman identified as Blessing John, to death.
The incident occurred in a forest at Epe. The suspect allegedly trailed Blessing to her father’s farm, where he raped her to death.
Ime, reporting the incident, said he assaulted Blessing due to her refusal to date him. The rapist cum murderer blamed his dastardly act on his “great love" for the deceased.
“I just moved to Lagos from Akwa -Ibom State to look for a job when I met Blessing. She is my in-law, as my uncle is married to her elder sister," he said.
"As soon as I set my eyes on her, I fell in love with her but I kept it to myself. When I could not bear it anymore, I went to her to declare my love for her but she turned me down. I kept pestering her but she refused blatantly that she did not love me; this made me angry.”
Ime added that despite Blessing’s refusal to date him, he had to device a means to force her to have sex with him.

Pictures: Tibetan sets self on fire

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27 years old Tibetan exile, Janphel Yeshi set himself on fire yesterday to protest against the visit of the Chinese President, Hu Jintao to India and China's rule over Tibet.

Yeshi who was on fire for about 2minutes sustained about 98% degree burns on his body. He was taken to the hospital and is currently in critical condition.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Policeman sets wife on fire!

What would make a man empty a gallon of fuel on his wife in the kitchen without regard for his 18-month-old son by the woman? That was the question on the lips of stunned patients and visitors at the Leverage Hospital, Igbo-Elerin, Okokomaiko, a suburb of Lagos State, where the doctor and his retinue of nurses are battling to save the life of a woman whose husband, a police inspector, set ablaze on Friday after a squabble.
The victim, Augustina, hails from Anambra State while her husband, Wasiu Jimoh, is from Kwara State. With burns all over her body, fluid mixed with human fat dripped ike a fountain from her face down her chest to her fingertips. Writhing in pains, the medics, Dr Bayo and the nurses, battled to give Augustina some relief as her peeling skin glued her to the hospital bed. The doctor said she had suffered second-degree burns.
Initially, she hardly uttered a word except some feeble words expressing regrets over a marriage that has gone sour barely two years after it was contracted.
How it started
The residents of 7 Tunde Lawal Street, Okokomaiko, woke up on Friday to witness a more dangerous fight between the couple said to be notorious for constantly quarreling.
According to Augustina, trouble started on Thursday when she reported to the husband that a certain lady sent her an irritating text massage warning her to leave Wasiu alone, claiming that the police officer was her man.
The victim, who claimed that her husband had the habit of keeping relationship with other women, said Inspector Jimoh flared up and started beating her. On Friday morning, he reportedly told her that since she was stubborn, he was going to deal with her.

Homosexuals sent to jail...

Ifeanyi Benedict Ahah and Rabiu , both found guilty of unnatural tendencies or having intercourse with each other, to two years in jail each, without bail.
The pair were sentenced last week by Judge Mariga Abdullahi, and ordered to pay a fine of N5,000 each at the beginning of their sentence. Just before the sentence was passed, Mr. Rabiu pleaded for leniency, saying that he is married with six children.
Ifeanyi, on his own part, pleaded the court to forgive him. He claimed to be repentant and promised not to go into the act anymore if pardoned.
The Judge , however, insisted that the law must take its course, saying that the sentence was passed in hope that it will serve as a deterrent to others involved in such “unnatural acts”.

Wait o, i thought they said 14 yrs?

Letter from the grave: a woman writes to her husband after death.

Ogochukwu Onuchukwu (Nee Onugu). 23/10/1976 - 27/2/2012

I saw this letter on a fellow blogger's page so i went  to the website to get the story.

Alot has been said about abusive relationships. I hope someone reads this and learns from it. Guys: stop abusing your girlfriend/wife. Ladies: Avoid abusive relationships, leave an abusive relationship ...your life depends on that single decision you make.


My mum is crying. I can see her from here. She has aged since the last time I saw her. Why does she look so old and why is she so thin? Can someone console her? Can someone make her stop crying?
I try to get up but I can’t. I try to reach for her, but I’m stuck where I am. It is very dark in here, and very cold, so very cold.
What am I doing here? Where is everybody? Where are my children? I begin to panic, to struggle; I want to get out of this dark room.
I can hear Uzo calling. She’s calling my name. Then, I see mum again. And I hear Uzo again. I don’t see my children. Where are my children? I can’t see beyond the walls of this dark and cold room.

Uzo calls again.

Hustle: 26 years old Nigerian marries an older American woman.

Daniel and his bride

This green card/visa  marriage of a thing is getting serious o!!

26 years old Nigerian, Daniel Ukoko, a graduate of University of Benin married Cynthia, an American who is old enough to be his mother at the Warri South Local Government registry. By tomorrow, we will see a picture of them at the airport proceeding for honeymoon abi? #winning!

Please someone should give us an update of this union in 5 - 10 years biko!

Friday, 23 March 2012


This morning at the Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma, tragedy stuck when seven female students fell into a well located inside a hostel in the school compound. Eye witnesses claim, three of the girls were washing on top of the well, while the remaining four were sitting on its top, when all of a sudden the well collapsed beneath them. All seven girls fell into the well.

Other students around the hostel when the incident occurred rescued 6 of the alive. Unfortunately one died inside the well. Another one died on the way to the hospital. The remaining five are receiving treatment at the hospital.

Woman baptises Kim.K with flour

Kim Kadashian was on the red carpet for the launch of her fragrance at The London Hotel in West Hollywood when a woman threw a bag of flour at her. 

Freedom of expression abi? Atleast now we know how she feels about Kim K!

Pic from tmz

Awwwww....MC Loph's fiancee gives birth!

MC Loph’s fiancĂ©e, Nkiru, gave birth to a baby boy yesterday, March 22nd, 2012.
This is really good for her and his family as the baby is definitely going to fill the vaccum his death left behind.

She was in the car accident that killed MC Loph and his sister along the Benin/Ore road last year on his way to his traditional wedding in Eastern Nigeria but she survived. She was pregnant at the time.
God bless the baby and mother with good health and long life!

Whitney Houston: Official cause of death

Whitney Houston
The coroner has ruled that Whitney Houston died from accidental drowning, heart disease and cocaine use. She also had traces of marihuana and prescription medication in her system but those did not contribute to her death. Whitney Houston was found dead and submerged in a bathtub at the Beverly Hills Hotel on February 12th, 2012.
Toxicology results also showed Houston had marijuana, Xanax, the muscle relaxant Flexeril, and the allergy medication Benadryl in her system. Houston died just hours before she was scheduled to appear at producer Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy Awards bash.
The singer also had buildup of plaque in her arteries that can restrict blood flow. Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter said the condition is common in drug users, although he said it wasn’t clear whether Houston had a heart attack on the day she died.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Police and Boko Haram clash: 9 dead, 2 arrested.

Bodies of the BH members
 It was war at Tudun Wada Local Government Area, Kano, northwest Nigeria, Wednesday when the police engaged members of the Islamic fundamentalist sect, Boko Haram in a gun battle and killed nine of them
The terrorists attacked a Divisional Police Officer’s house, police station and Unity Bank. The dreaded Islamic militants came on three vehicles at about 2 a.m., broke into the armoury of Tudun Wada Police station bombed the station and carted away arms and ammunition.
Security forces claimed no life was lost on their side, as nine Boko Haram men were gunned down while two were arrested alive during a gun battle that lasted for five hours.
Tudun Wada is about 100 kilometers away from Kano metropolis.
The Brigade Commander of 3 Brigade (Bukavu Barracks), Brigadier-General Illyasu Abbah briefed newsmen this evening.

28 year old man caught having sex with a corpse

Nura Mustapha, 28, is currently explaining to homicide detectives at the State Criminal Investigative Department, Panti, Yaba, Lagos State, why he was allegedly caught having sex with the corpse of a lady identified as Faith Akin.
Mustapha was arrested early in March after an attendant at the Green Star Hotel, Alaba-Rago, raised an alarm that he would not allow the corpse to be retrieved.

Police officers identified the corpse of the lady as Faith Akin, a resident of Ondo State, who visited her mother in Lagos.
“We have a lot of customers coming with different girls to the hotel but on that fateful day, Mustapha came in about 5.00 pm and booked the room; after about 9.00pm, he brought in this lady and they stayed the night,” said the hotel attendant, who gave his name as Mathew. “Early the next day, before I would hand over to the morning staff, I went round to check the rooms; [and] that was how I saw the lady lying down. I went to touch her but there was no response; I called out to Nura but he did not answer. It was when I came back the second time after I had informed the manager that I saw the customer having sex with the corpse again; I tried to call his attention but he did not respond, so I went to call the police.”

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Surprising: Samuel Eto'o's wife exposes breasts in public pool

Someone please tell me she didnt know she was being photographed!!! Well...after 3 kids , she try oooo!!!
Please note the pictures are rated 20!

Flavour, Whizkid and Tiwa on the cover of Redsheet.

Whitney and Ray J in a sex video?!

There were rumors of whitney and Ray j dating before her death last month. Now what i hear is, Ray J and Whitney may have a sex tape together and it may soon be exposed to the public. As shocking as this may sound to some of you thinking of Whitney in a sex video, it is not shocking for Ray J who featured in a sex video with Kim Kardashian in the past.Infact, it was the said video that brought Kim k so much fame.

Whitney's family i hear are trying to talk Ray J out of markting the video in exchange for some big cash settlement. We just have to wait and see.

It is really sad, cant they allow this woman rest in peace, biko?!

CEO, DMT isaac Durojaiye dies

Isaac Durojaiye

The CEO of Dignified Mobile Toilet (DMT)is dead. He died today from a brief illness, may his soul rest in peace.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Herman Hembe steps down amid allegations of soliciting for bribe from Oteh

Hembe VS Oteh

The saga continues, as the Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Capital Market and Other Financial Institutions, Mr. Herman Hembe, has stepped down from his role as head of the ongoing probe of the sector.
Hembe resigned from the probe following allegations by Director-General of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Ms. Arunma Oteh of conflict of interests and bias.
Arunma-Oteh had on Thursday, at the public hearing organised by the committee accused Hembe of being out to tarnish her reputation as well as demanding a bribe of N39 million from SEC for the hearing. She also accused Hembe of receiving N5 million from the commission to enable him to travel to the Dominican Republic for a conference which he eventually did not attend.