Sunday, 3 June 2012


Following the air crash today, President Goodluck Jonathan has declared 3 days mourning in honor of the victims. All flags are expected to fly at half mast.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, here are some facts you should know, the said aircraft, MD83 was the same model as the Sosoliso plane that crashed some years back. Engineers are actually shocked that such an airplane which should be a write off was actually still flying. To make matters worse, the same plane developed a landing gear fault at Uyo some days ago, this same plane was still been flown despite all these facts and that led to the death of 153 victims.

Innocent Nigerians suffer the most from the greed and carelessness of our leaders. We have to demand justice and we must establish that there was nothing that could have being done to prevent the crash or heads should roll!!!

Here are some people that we must demand explanations from:

The CEO of Dana Air Nigeria, Mr. Jacky Hathiramani
 Why will the CEO allow such a plane operate in this Country? His company's carelessness has led to 153 people's death. Is there proper insurance in place to compensate the family of the bereaved? What is his next plan?
Minister of Aviation, Stella Oduah
 If there was no corruption in this country or the Ministry of Aviation, this could have been avoided. The poor state of the our airports across Nigeria clearly tells you how poorly our airplanes are also been maintained. Why will your ministry allow an old aircraft that is 22 years old fly in Nigeria? What were your standards that you put in place for any airline to operate in Nigeria?
DG NCAA, Capt Harold Demuren
Oga of Airlines in Nigeria, the ultimate regulator. Please we are waiting for your speech on why this happened? What could have prevented it? Is it true that you allowed an old faulty aircraft to fly in Nigeria? Is that an allowed standard?

In civilzed countries, when a crash is clearly due to the greed of people who turned a blind eye when bad machines were imported into their country and even authorized it to fly, they will be preparing their resignation letter. But that hardly happens in Nigeria, so we will wait for their excuses on how hard they work and how every country has disasters like this...bla bla just so they can hold on to their positions.

We will wait but the blood of these victims will cry out and their death shall not be in vain!


  1. what can i say, i've been crying since yesterday, i saw this in my dream, little did i know it will happen in my country. God said we shld thank him for any situation, so we have to thank God, his ways are not our ways.

    my dear u are doing great work here, keep it up

  2. good piece! well done