Monday, 4 June 2012


Take a moment and observe a minute silence for those that have departed. The stories of all the victims and the pain of the loved ones they have left behind is all around us today.

I debated on whether to put up the pictures or not but i decided to do so we all can relate and know that these were innocent people like you and i whose lives were cut short because someone, somewhere did not care enough about human lives and let a faulty plane to fly.

I know we are grieving, use the comment box and leave your condolence message for the ones you have lost. You can leave their names too if you know any one of them personally.

Rev. and Mrs Ayodeji (TREM)

Mrs Anyene and 3 kids, Husband, Mother, Nanny were all on the plane too)

Mrs Dike and son, Chike

Obinna Akubueze

Mr and Mrs Awani


Adamu Bamaiyi


 2 0f the 4 hostesses on board

Pastor Akin (HOTR)

Alvana Ojukwu



  1. My heart is so heavy. I can't stop crying. OMG ds is so sorrowful. may all the souls of the Dana plane crash victims rest in peace.

  2. I didnt know anyone personally but when i heard about the family of 7 that perished in the crash, my heart was heavy. That was like a whole generation wiped out! May their soul rest in peace.

  3. May the souls of the departed, rest in peace

  4. God! Dis is heart breaking and very sorrowful, may the souls of the passengers of the ill fated dana air plane crash rest in peace. Amen

  5. This is heart breaking and indeed painful to me and fellow Nigeria have now became a country while lives are regarded as nothing but chicken.Can you believe that the said Aircraft was confined air-unworthiness,and old but of Greed,Lives have been lost.
    i dont know most of them in person,but i grieved for them and God grant them Peace in His bossom.
    Rev Cole(FORMER housefellowship Leader,now Pastor)and Wife,my Pastors in TREM.i love you both,and i believe you are both sleeping with others,and later we later meet in LORD.we will the banner of Jesus going and the gates of hell shall not prevail.

  6. wht a heck of an airline,y were theY dat careless?...we live to bear dis pain in our heart.may d souls of all those that loss there life (Mrs Anyene and 3 kids,)in dana airplane RIP

  7. May dey rest well...pls u av d wrong pictures of d hostesses dat died,they were 4(3 girls Viviene,Uche n Onyinye + a guy)kindly correct d pic,d 2 girls on without jackets are alive please they weren't on that plane.Thank u