Monday, 30 April 2012

Tragic: 1 year old boy killed by family dog

A day after his first birthday, Jeremiah Eshew-Shahan was killed when he was attacked by his family’s mastiff dog. Jeremiah was at his grandmother’s house in Las Vegas when he crawled over to the dog, a Mastiff-Rhodesian mix weighing about 120 pounds and started to pet him.

The dog then attacked the baby, sinking his teeth into Jeremiah’s head and shaking him. Jeremiah's father, Chris Shahan, believes he tried to grab the dog’s fur to stand up when the animal turned vicious.
"It took me about 20 seconds to run downstairs and I got the dog off of the baby. The baby’s face was torn off."
Jeremiah was rushed to St. Rose Dominican Hospital-Siena Campus and then flown by helicopter to UMC's Trauma Unit. Jeremiah, who had turned one on Thursday, died from his injuries at approximately 1:45am on Saturday morning.The six-year-old dog, named Onion, will be put down after he is quarantined for rabies.

The Mastiff had been around the baby since he was born and the family said he had never been aggressive towards people.Shahan said the pet was a 'good dog' that had helped get his mother through her lung cancer.Police said they are still investigating why the dog attacked the baby

- Glogalgrind

No more Khloe and Lamar after this season

Khloe and Lamar have decided to pull the plugs on their reality show 'Khloe and Lamar'.
this they hope will help to revive Lamar's career which has being going downhill....they will be making brief appearances on 'Keeping up with the Kardashians' whenever the need arises.

Somehow, i like their show, Khloe is so different from her sisters, very blunt and honest plus she takes her marriage seriously!

Hollywood meets Nollywood in 'Doctor Bello'

Doctor bello is the new movie that our own Genevieve Nnaji and Stephanie Okereke will be starring in alongside Isaiah Washington, Vivica Fox and others:

Before you know it, Genevieve will be starring alongside Angelina Jolie and  Mr Ibu with Martin Lawrence and so on...LOL!

What the movie is about:
Brilliant cancer specialist Dr. Michael Durant is emotionally troubled, wrestling with the traumatic loss of his 10 year old daughter from cancer. Immersing himself in his work from the hospital, away from his wife who blames him for their child’s death, he forms an unlikely bond with a sick, loving, but rambunctious seven year old boy Sam, the son of a rich Jewish couple who are major contributors to the hospital’s cancer research fund.
Unfortunately, Sam’s health deteriorates drastically, and soon, he slips into a coma, with only a few days to live. Dr. Durant becomes desperate, willing to risk anything to save the child’s life. A surreptitious Nigerian Nurse convinces him to seek the help of Dr. Bello, an uncertified Nigerian Doctor, known in Brooklyn-African underground as a miracle worker.
Dr. Bello, an introvert with a controversial past, secretly visits the child at night and administers a strange African potion, replete with incantations and by the next morning, miraculously, the child begins to recover, the cancer speeding into remission.

Osama Bin Laden was in contact with Boko Haram

Ever wondered how far the links of Boko Haram go? Well, documents found after Osama was killed last year show that Boko Haram had some contact with Osama Bin Laden. This also also means they are in direct contact with Al-Quada.

Read as reported by Guardian, UK.
Bin Laden appears to have been in direct or indirect communication with Nigerian-based militant group Boko Haram as well as many other militant outfits. As with the Taliban, the question of whether Boko Haram, which has been responsible for a series of suicide attacks and bombings in the last year, is in touch with al-Qaida or one of its affiliates has been hotly debated by analysts.
But documents in the cache show that leaders of the Nigerian group had been in contact with top levels of al-Qaida in the past 18 months – confirming claims made to the Guardian in January by a senior Boko Haram figure.

One year anniversary of the royal couple!

The couple: Willams and Kate

The royal couple celebrated their one year anniversary yesterday!
I remember all the noise around their wedding .....wish them a happy wedding anniversay!

Bomb blast in Taraba State

Looks like Boko Haram is taking their promise of making Nigeria ungovernable for Jonathan in 3 months.  This has to stop oooo. God please help us in Nigeria

As reported by Daily Times.

An explosion has been reported in Jalingo, capital of Taraba State. The incident occurred near government offices in the city. Parts of the finance ministry were affected by the explosion.

The explosion which occurred about 9 a.m. appeared to have been targeted at the convoy of the state's Commissioner of Police. Ibiang Mbasike, the spokesperson for the Police in Taraba has confirmed the attacks.

Three police officers are reported to have died in the explosion, which happened barely 24 hours after another bomb blast in Bayero University Kano.

Huge sigh....continue..

FCMB to lay off 550 staff

First City Monument Bank, FCMB, in its acquisition bid of Finbank will today determine the fate of about 550 staff of Finbank whose services overlapped with employees of FCMB.
The 550 staff will be given the option to resign and pursue any other career of their choice through the generous severance package being worked out by the management of the two banks.
The package, apart from the financial provisions for those affected, also has counselling and training session that would enable them adapt to a new environment and possibly a small business of their own.
Giving the hint of the progress of the merger between FCMB and Finbank, Managing Director of FCMB, Mr. Ladi Balogun, said in the process of trying to achieve the synergy of the two banks, the decision was taken to close a number of branches of Finbank that were considered not to be viable. Finbank, he said, had a total branch network of 183 and 44 of these branches will be shut down based on the fact that some of them are close to FCMB branches that are profit making and those in some other places that are not profitable. He disclosed that 320 staff of FCMB were earlier disengaged in preparation for the merger and integration of the two banks.
He said: “The bank’s customers have been fully briefed and we are engaged in what we call below the line communication with them and also communicate with them directly.
“We believe that the process has gone very smoothly. Unfortunately about 550 Finbank staff have been given the opportunity to resign, that 550 have almost unanimously taken up the opportunity of the offer to resign. That is a relatively small number when you compare to other banks that have gone through this exercise.

Tuface's son, Zion turned 4 yesterday

One of Tuface's babies, Zion  turned 4 yesterday. His mother is Sunmbo Ajaba who also has another child for the 'African Queen' crooner.

The boy looks like his father gan!

More reactions trail Azazi's comment blaming violence by Boko Haram on PDP

National Secuirty Advisor to the President, General Andrew Azazi

Following all the bombings and kidnappings going on in Nigeria, it is obvious every Nigrian is worried about the state of security in this country and what the secuirty agencies are doing to put a stop to me.

The National Security advisor to the President had this to say

. “The issue of violence did not increase in Nigeria until when there was a declaration by the current President that he was going to contest. PDP got it wrong from the beginning. The party started by saying Mr. A can rule, and Mr. B cannot rule, according to PDP conventions, rules and regulations and not according to the Constitution.
That created the climate for what is happening. Is it possible that somebody was thinking that only Mr. A could win, and if he did not win, he could cause a problem in the society?

Naturally, such a comment will definitely wake up all the leaders we have and as expected, some of them have commented on Azazi's comment.


I don’t believe undemocratic practices in the PDP could give rise to Boko Haram or any other groups. So probably people need to ask NSA to explain what he really meant,”

“Azazi merely confirmed the three things that we have known all along about the PDP and Jonathan administration, that the PDP is the root of all politically-related violence and terrorism in the country. It was the extra-judicial murder of the Boko Haram leadership during the Yar’Adua’s PDP regime that laid the foundations of our current insecurity.
“The way the party disrespects its constitution, rules and regulations as confirmed by the last sham and show of shame that it called national convention has completed the emergence of an exclusionary, undemocratic party controlled by Jonathan and the governors.
‘’Since its officers and political office holders emerged from rigged processes of imposition and intimidation, they have neither the burden of accountability nor conscience. They get into office not to serve the people but to serve their personal interests.

The remark credited to the NSA, Gen. Aziza, that the PDP was responsible for the insurgence of Boko Haram through their zoning arrangement could be true based on intelligence available to him, but the public utterance by the NSA is irresponsibly faulty. The only honourable option left for him is to throw in the towel and resign. He has no business in government. He even appears not interested or dedicated to his job.
“Rather than open his mouth too wide, we expected the NSA to advise the President and the Federal Government on this rather than go public, an act which is capable of not only over heating the polity but also encouraging Boko Haram and their sponsors to continue in their nefarious acts.”“The sum total of all these are political division in the country and looting of the treasury as the main occupations of the PDP apparatchiks. The cocktail of political exclusion, impunity, lack of democracy and social injustice lead to insurgency and crimes. Only God can save us from the evil the PDP has turned into.”

CHIEF OLISA METUH (PDP National Publicity Secretary):
Appointees of government should navigate only on the terrain where their authority would not be humbled by superior knowledge so as to avoid attracting undeserving and unnecessary ill-feelings for their principal.

These were some of the comments.  Personally, i want to see results not mere talk!!! So i have to ask, are you for or against Azazi's comment?

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sad: 16 year old daughter of ex-law maker killed infront of her mother by kidnappers

It was a terrible sight at the popular Borromew Hospital roundabout in Onitsha when a five –man suspected kidnap gang shot and killed Chisom, a 16- year old daughter of the former member of the Anambra State House of Assembly, Chief Anthony Ezechi Nwoye while attempting to kidnap his wife, Mrs. Vero Nwoye, a Pharmacist. Chief Nwoye represented Idemili North in the immediate past House of Assembly.
Mrs. Nwoye and her daughter, Chisom, a Senior Secondary, SS11, student of Mercy Girls Secondary School, Umuoji, left her Pharmacy shop located at No 6 Obosi street, Nkpor and were driving home in her Mercedes Benz 190 with registration number BR 439 LSD when the suspected kidnappers blocked their car at the All Hallows Seminary junction beside Zik’s home in Onitsha and pulled her out of her car and dragged her into their own.
Apparently realizing that the young lady sitting beside her might live to tell the story, one of the hoodlums turned back and shot her on the chest and she died on the spot.

Pictures: Chidi Mokeme's white wedding!

Mr Chidi and Mrs Jean Mokeme

Last week i posted a picture of Chidi Mokeme's traditional wedding.....Now, the white wedding which held yesterday, just in case you missed the oictures of the white wedding!

By the way, i have always wondered how a bride with short hair can rock a veil ....guess i see it now!

Woman kills man by squeezing his testicles

.An an unidentified 41-year-old woman in China’s Haiku City, Hainan Province tried to park her scooter in front of a local store, but the store owner, the 42-year-old victim, refused to allow it.
China News 24 reported that the woman called her husband and brother, who in turn got into a more violent fist fight with the shopkeeper and then during the row, the woman grabbed the man’s testicles and squeezed them until he collapsed. He was taken to a hospital for treatment but later died.
This is not the first time parking related violence has occurred but the outcome in this incidence is shocking. The website reported another case that took place on 26 March when Louisiana resident, Shawntay Brown, 19, was arrested for biting a 15-year-old’s breast during a fight in Monroe over parking.

After reading this, i think it is safe to say contrary to what i thought before, men, DO NOT actually exagerate the pain they feel whenever they are hit down there  -___-

Donjazzy response briefly to Dbanj's latest interview.....

....and it continues.....

Personally, i 'haff' tired for this Dbang and Donjazzy fued. I hope this brief and short response from Donjazzy on Dbanj's latest interview will be the last on this issue .

Read his reponse below.....

Don Jazzy started off by saying he never wanted the issue to become this messy, even as he was aware of the way and manner social media has changed the way people view the issues surrounding the lives of celebrities; a reason he said was why he's always cautious of what he says and the interviews he grants to the media.

Both industry power-weights have been at loggerhead over alleged multiple financial disagreements, discrepancies involved in the signing of artist Dbanj into Kanye West’s Good Music record label, Don Jazzy’s lackadaisical attitude, Dbanj’s alleged public irresponsibility among other differences and conflicts that popped up between both.

"I want to be clear on something that I'm not interested in going into the debates of whatever Dbanj has said, be it through an interview, the press, social media or whatever. People should try and understand that these are very difficult moments for me and I need my space, time and moment to carry on with my life and the production of good music which is what fans have known me for a very long time". Don Jazzy said.

Bomb blast at Bayero University, Kano.

At least eight people have been killed in a gun and bomb attack at Bayero University, Kano, witnesses and police said on Sunday [Apr. 29].

Kano Police commissioner, Ibrahim Idris, confirmed to Premium Times that eight are confirmed dead and several injured. Witnesses say figure is higher. Mr. Idris added, "The situation is under control, Kano is now calm. The injured have been taken to hospital.

Reports suggest the violence may have targeted Christian students who were holding a religious service in one of the lecture theatres. An army spokesman said several wounded people had been taken to hospital. "The attack took place in one of the lecture theatres used as a place of worship by Christians", said Lt Iweha Ikedichi.

"There were casualties, but I don't have exact figures. Some have been rushed to local hospitals." He said soldiers and police had surrounded the university and were searching for the gunmen.

Mohammed Suleiman, a history lecturer at the university, said security guards had to run for their lives when the violence broke out."For over 30 minutes a series of bomb explosions and gun shots took over the old campus, around the academic blocks", he told Reuters news agency.

The AFP news agency said its reporter had counted six bodies at the university, and local police said the death toll could be higher. No group has said it launched the attack, but the Islamist militant Boko Haram group is active in Kano.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Gov. Adams Oshiomole narrowly escapes death

Edo State Governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole narrowly escaped death in a road accident involving his convoy and a tipper lorry along Afuze-Auchi road in Edo North senatorial district of the State on Saturday.
Three persons have been confirmed dead in the accident.
Oshiomhole and his entourage were returning from an Action Congress of Nigeria ceremony in Afuze, headquarters of the Owan East Local Government of the State where over 4,000 PDP members decamped to the ACN.

Kanye and Kim Kardashian caught in after- the- act picture?!

Kanye trying to adjust his pants
Kanye's pants fell off when he tried to walk

Looks like Kim K and Kanye are not planning to take it slow at all. In this new photo of them stepping out, paparazzi caught Kanye trying to adjust his pants after he stepped out of his maybach with Kim K by his side. He tried to keep a straight face but his pants slipped when he tried to walk!
Lets us just assume Kim K was helping him out when they were in the car shall we?
She is soooo over Chris Humphries :(

Picture: Jada and Tupac

Jada Pinkett recently posted this picture of herself and 2pac.....ilike     :)!

'I am 100% gay like Jesus....' - Gay Nigerian

So, this young man took these pictures with the inscription 'i rape goats like jesus in the gay bible' and 'i am 100% gay like jesus so being gay is ok'. No one is sure about the location or the full names of the young man but whatever the case , this is just WRONG! Good thing its says 'gay bible' because the bible that i know, says nothing like the above inscription.

Personally, i see two scenarios:

1. He was under duress to pose for the pictures (most likely was caught in a sexual act with another man or with a goat/lamb).
2. He is sick.

Note: i wrote 'Jesus' in small caps earlier because i refuse to think he is referring to Jesus Christ.

May God forgive you!

See another picture after the cut.

Pictures: All 32 contestants of the 2012 Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria



Pictures: Victims of the Thsday bomb blast

Please be warned, some of the picture are graphic. Continue to see more

Friday, 27 April 2012

Sniffer dogs forced syndicate to abandon N160m heroin at Murtala Mohammed International Airport

Some of the abandoned drugs

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency's sniffer dogs have forced a suspected drug syndicate from Iran to abandon 16 kilogrammes of high grade heroin at Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos. The dogs refused to heed the call signs of their handlers on reaching some metal pipes at the National Aviation Handling Company shed in the airport.
The dogs' action made the anti-narcotic agency to place the consignment on surveillance.
It was gathered that the presence of many NDLEA operatives in the NAHCO shed eventually led to the abandonment of the heroin.
NDLEA spokesman, Mitchell Ofoyeju, on Wednesday described the operation as a major seizure of narcotics.

Guardiola to step down as Barcelona's Manager

....And yes, i am reporting sports!! Guardiola is stepping down as the manager of Barcelona at the end of the season. He has led Barcelona to 13 trophies since taking over at the beginning of the 2008/09 season, including two Champions League crowns and three Spanish league titles.

There are currently rumors that he is moving to chelsea.

Anyway, his pictures and the news is here because i have always liked Guardiola....he reminds me of Mourinho 'The one', and maybe because of the way he is always so smartly dressed + he knows the job + he is always calm + he is ambitious + he is HAWT.....there....i said it!! *sighs*

Beware: 'Save Enebeli Elebuwa 5million campaign is a fraud'' - Stella


Please disregard any broadcast or information about saving Enebeli Elebuwa with N5million. It is a total FRAUD!!

No hospital or medical institution or group of people responsible for the veteran actor's health and well being has requested for such an amount.

DO NOT pay any money to anyone and DO NOT deal with anyone asking for money. Uncle Enebeli Elebuwa is responding positively to treatment now and nobody has asked for a dime from anyone.


Please re-broadcast ASAP.

Stella Damasus

Nigerian teeanage girl jailed for 12 years for murder

Nigerian-born teenage girl who organised the killing of a schoolboy at Victoria Station on Facebook and kicked him as he lay bleeding to death was jailed for 12 years today, Thurs., [April 26];
Victoria Osoteku had just turned 18 when she joined a 20-strong mob hunting down 15-year-old Sofyen Belamouadden in front of hundreds of horrified rush hour commuters.
After helping to set up the confrontation on the social networking site, Osoteku bought the £3.99 knife set from Argos which was used to stab Sofyen at least nine times. Osoteku was also seen kicking the victim as he was helpless on the ground with stab wounds to his heart and right lung.
Osoteku, now 20, had been found guilty of manslaughter and conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm. She is the 13th person – and only female – to be sentenced for Sofyen’s ‘merciless’ killing in March 2010 which was the result of ‘simmering tensions’ between pupils at rival schools. Her conviction brings the total of sentences handed down to 124 years. Osoteku, of New Cross, south London, admitted being at the scene of the attack but denied taking part.
During her four-month trial, she claimed she ‘froze’ when she saw Sofyen being stabbed and ‘nudged’ him with her foot ‘to see if he was OK’. Three other Nigerian teenagers who were found guilty of Sofyen's have since been sentenced to life imprisonment.

Pictures: Brazilian girl sold 5ft 2inch hair for $9,000

 Before the cut (5ft 2inches)
 Natasha Moraes de Andrade (good girl) will use the $9,000 to get a new house for her family.

Speaking on her hair, she said it took 4 hours every week to wash her hair and an hour and half to brush it. Cutting it now has given her the freedom she never had because of her hair.

         "Getting it cut has given me a new life. I used to be afraid every time I went out that someone  would grab my hair or try to cut it off, but now I can do a lot of things which I couldn't do before’.
'Now I'm having cycling lessons, and I've got my freedom back. I much prefer it. I want to learn English and Spanish, and I've been able to go to the beach and swim without being afraid of getting my hair wet"

Ladies, now you know where all the money you are spending on Brazillian hair is going to. At least this one helped a family for real. So, if your boyfriend/husband complains that you spend so much n hair, just tell him 'It is for charity' LOL!!

By the way, anyone want to buy my 2inch naija hair? Somebody? Anyone? :(

after the cut, now just 40cm long

Brazilian actor playing Judas accidentally hangs himself during “Passion of the Christ” play

Tiago Klimeck
Tiago Klimeck accidental hanging on set

A Brazilian actor has died after accidentally hanging himself during a theatre production of the “Passion of the Christ”.

Tiago Klimeck, 27, was enacting the suicide of Judas during a Good Friday performance in Itarare, southern Brazil. The audience and his fellow actors didn’t realise anything was wrong for more than four minutes. Kilmeck died this week after being in a medically induced coma for the last 16 days.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Reason why we attacked Thisday Newpapers - Boko Haram

Abubakar Shekau

Boko Haram through their spokesperson, Abubakar Shekau has given their reasons for attacking Thisday newspapers in Abuja and Kaduna earlier today.

God help us in the country...they are fighting Government, Christains and now the media. we can only pray and hope that these people are stopped very soon.

Continue to read the reasons as reported by Premium Times.

Pictures: Kaduna Boko Haram bomber captured

The bomber who was captured after the bomb went off

remains of the car that was loaded with the explosives

Boko Haram has claimed responsibility for today's attack on Thisday and Sun newspapers.

More pictures: site of the Abuja bomb blast

-sahara reporters

Pictures: Did Kim Kardashian have breast implants or not?

Before implants??

Kim Kardashian has always prided herself on being a natural when it comes to the hollywood rave of breast and butt implants. This picture of Kim (above) was just recently released and it shows that MAYBE Kim K, did indeed, have breast implants.

Look carefully, do you think she has had implants or not?

After implants?
After implants

In other news....Dbanj is verified on twitter.