Monday, 13 July 2015

Chocolat Royal Reopens

The Restaurant Chain manager of Chocolat Royal, Mr Eli Yahchouchy said they are officially reopened. The organisation which was in the news recently for contaminated food items in the company’s warehouse has been given a clean bill health. Chocolat Royal a popular elite and confectionery company in Lagos State has said they are committed to excellent service delivery.  

This company was established 21 years ago and is owned by the wife of AIM group. Yahchouchy said the management has since improved on its system and process.  He said Nigerians will continue to enjoy their delicacies and they plan to introduce the local barbecue popularly known as suya.

The company was in the papers recently over the discovery of some contaminated food items in the warehouse of the company. According to the Chief Chef, an angry staff who was indicted for serious misdemeanor and was asked to go, had set up the organisation. The company has since moved on.

NAFDAC said they will need to shut down the place for a month to do their investigation and thereafter they were given a clean bill of health.

''When this episode happened, all kinds of stories were been bandied about. The fact is that NAFDAC came and said that for proper investigation to be done, they needed to shut down the place for a month. It was during the shutdown they carried out their investigation and afterwards gave us a clean bill of health.’

The place was declared open on the 22nd of June but they needed to tidy of some things so they opened on the 30th of June.

Chocolat Royal is back and better .


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