Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Buhari: Chibok girls return is top priority

President Muhammadu Buhari answered questions on Cable News Network (CNN) programme by Amanpour  that the safety priority of the Chibok girls is the priority of his government. He said the Federal Government would be willing to negotiate with the Boko Haram if the leadership assures him the coming forward is genuine, noting that rescuing and rehabilitating the girls remained paramount. 

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''We have to very careful about the credibility of various Boko Haram leaderships coming up and claiming that they can deliver. We have to be very careful indeed and we are taking our time because we want to bring them (Chibok girls) safe back to their parents and to their school.''

President Muhammadu Buhari also linked the efforts to develop the Nigerian eceonomy, which is a major demand among  Nigerians to security.

''My people, i believe want the security in the country to be stabilised so that normal life can resume both in the southern part of the country where the militants are sabotaging oil installations, kidnapping people and demanding ransom and in the north-east where Boko Haram is still active.

''This is a realistic way of looking at things. Nothing will work until the country is secure.'' He also promised to tackle corruption, saying there will be no sacred cow. '' There will not be any party member or any personality that can escape justice,'' he said.

Buhari was optimistic that United States President would visit Nigeria in the near future.

source: channelstv

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