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10 year old boy buried alive rescued by a priest

A 10 year old boy was rescued after being buried alive. This happened in Ngwo town in Enugu State. It was known to be a great land and shinning city on the hills. The town however lost its glamour to occultists and evil men in the land. 

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The residents of the town, turned to God for help because they were worried. They got the Catholic priest Rev, Fr, Modetus  Chiedozie Chilaka, to help cleanse the land and liberate them from evil deeds. They gathered at the ancestral home, Isiokpoto, for the four day prayers and liberation session. The man of God sent down the might of the Almighty from above and the villagers marveled. 

The high point of the miracles was the rescue of a 10 year old boy who hawked plantain who was abducted by unknown ritualists and was used for sacrifice. The boy was buried alive at a shrine located in the valley along the Milking Hill, Ngwo and was covered with sand up to his neck and was allowed to die slowly by the ritualists, but he was rescued by Rev. Chilaka. 

His identity wasn't known because the boy was still unable to speak at the time of this report after staying in the grave for three days. Rev. Chilaka on praying on the first day of the adoration crusade, according to an eye witness, he said a young boy was buried alive and if nothing was done fast, he would be gone forever. 

He prophesied that the boy was abducted at the Independence Layout in Enugu while he was selling plantain chips. Rev. Chilaka also said the occult members from the Ngwo community were about 30 in number were involved in the sacrifice, urging people to join hands in prayers to God to reveal where the boy was buried.

On the second day of the crusade, which was the 4th day the boy was buried, the priest led some men on a rescue journey to the milking Hills. 

A native of Ngwo, Ozor Victor Ugwu, whose vehicle was used to convey the youths to the shrine told Oriental News that the priest described the boy and the occult members. He also said they ritualists use human beings for their rituals.

source: sunnewsonline

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