Friday, 3 July 2015

Another Boko Haram attack


Boko Haram has attacked another town and several lives lost. The insurgents attacked Kukawa Local Government Area of Borno State. Alhaji Abor Babagana a resident who fled to Maiduguri, said over 50 suspects of Boko Haram stormed Kukawa at about 6:30pm on Tuesday and opened fire on people, killing 97 while several others were injured. 

He stated that the terrorists first went to the mosque, where Muslims were observing the Magrib prayers after breaking their fast and opened fire on them. The worshipers were mostly men and children and no live was spared. While those that were waiting set most of the corpses on fire and also shot at women who were preparing food.''

Another resident who was lost his uncle, Garba Kolomi said, ''They wiped out the immediate family of my uncle; about five of his children were killed and they set his house on fire.'' A fisherman said the terrorist spend about 4 hours without any intervention by security forces. 

Another resident said the terrorist came in Hilux vehicles and they left at about 11pm. No soldier was in Kukawa at the time of the attack. The soldiers were in Kuros-Kawwa which is about 11 kilometers from Kukawa. They insurgents stole food items from the houses before setting them ablaze. 

At the time of this was reported a resident said: ''we have not buried the dead ones.'' 


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