Sunday, 5 August 2012

Lagos State bans activities of NURTW in motor parks

I guess most of you know the men that wear green-white-green in motor parks across Lagos State. They are expected to just collect some form of tax from commercial transport bodies but in doing so, they hop on buses, harass bus drivers and vandalize properties when they riot. The Lagos State Govt has moved to stop some of their unlawful practises...

At a joint news conference on the new Traffic Law today in Lagos, Southwest Nigeria, Commissioner for Transportation, Kayode Opeifa said:

"Collection of tolls from motorists along the road by any union
 has been banned.
Henceforth, union activity is no longer allowed in all the motor parks in the state. What they need to do now is to operate the way other unions in the state operate. They are meant to be in their offices.
We recognise the right for them to associate but we believe that the motor parks should be made easy for those who want to carry out their business of commuting in the state .

No union member should be seen on the road collecting money from transport operators. It is illegal and this is how it is contained in the white paper adopted by the state government yesterday.
Also, drivers and conductors in the state will be required to wear uniform.

Government will soon commence the re-registration of motor parks across the state.
The situation where people just park vehicles in a certain area converting it as motor parks is now illegal."

Lagos State keeps setting new standards, i hope other states can emulate some standards Fashola has put in place. Infact, someone tell your State Governors that we do not mind if they COPY Lagos State.

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