Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Female banker, Yinka Johnson accused of killing a LASTMA official freed from police custody

The female banker, Yinka Johnson accused of killing a LASTMA official has been released from police custody.

She regained her freedom after all evidences released proved she was not in any way responsible for the death of the LASTMA official. Evidence showed she was on the other side of the road and her car was about to be towed when the accident occured. Also, there was no dent or blood on her car which would not be the case if she actually hit the man. Finally, video evidence also shows a green & white shuttle bus run down the late Balogun (LASTMA official).

The only wrong doing on Yinka Johnson's part was driving on the wrong side of the road so at Igbosere Magistrate Court today, she faced a one-count charge of driving recklessly and was granted bail and ordered to pay fine.

I thank God an innocent person was not made to suffer further but most importantly, i do hope the LASTMA officials including their GM who lied in the midst of the truth are made to pay and face the shame they brought on themselves by lying!


  1. I thank God for her, I felt for her 2month old baby. She must have learnt her lesson am sure and this shld serve as an example to oda road users as well.

  2. I encourage the killing of LASTMA Officials to continue. They are wicked, greedy & heartless!!!

  3. finally the truth has prevailed. Anita pls keep me posted on what happens to those liars(lastma official, Gm, etc)