Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Charley Boy's alter ego, Linda speaks

In a press release by Charly boy’s publicist, He explains “Linda is his feminine side, that’s the woman in him. Linda makes him wears make-ups, directs him on how to be compassionate like women and also responsible for all the humanitarian works he had done over the years, without Linda, he couldn’t have done all that.”

Charly boy also addressed his contradicting personalties in a bbm broadcast message sent by him.

“Charlyboy is a phenomenon of sort. Whatever mystery created around his person, his personality is unique. You may hate to love him but love him you do all the same"
This is one man that is at home with all classes of society: Patron of area boys,okada riders; flows with celebs, gets red carpet receiption from Governors, and now the Pastors’ delight. Indeed Charlyboy is many things to many people but a Legendary Entertainer to all.
Revealed: Facts about Charlyboy
  • 1.Areafada is gay, yet happily married wt 8 children, 12 grand children for over 35 yrs.
  • 2. He is crazy and irresponsible but has managed to groom highly responsible children and runs a successful business
  • 3. He is confused, yet has been consistent and focused for over 36 years
  • 4. He is a cheat, a capitalist, yet the most famous humanitarian of our time, dedicated to the plights of poor and the less privilege.
  • 5.He is an Agbero, a novice and an illiterate, yet studied @ the Prestigious Havard University
  • 6. He is a 61 year old fool who poses nude for the camera, yet his first son is an Associate Professor @ MIT Boston, lived with one wife for over 35 yrs with other 6 graduates to match.
  • 8. Areafada is mad, weird, crazy abnormal but smiles to the bank @ every display of his madness.
  • 9. He is evil and demonic, yet Pastors have failed to deliver him, invites him to their churches to talk to young people and donates to the church.
  • 10. Some hate him, misunderstand and despise him, yet people struggle to get a glimpse of him.
  • 11. The evil spirit in him is curious, he sleeps in a coffin yet around his home, there is peace, calm and orderliness.
  • 12 He has nothing to offer, yet he brought respect and the big money for entertainers and opened the doors for foreign collaboration with international artists.yet he is one of the best, the most celebrated in the entertainment industry.


  1. He is not a gay. That is falsehood!