Saturday, 7 July 2012

Photo: Woman bites off neighbour's nose

A woman, Mrs. Ruka Amoha bit off her neighbour's nose on suspicion of having an affair with her husband who has starved her of sex. According to Ruka, "I cannot accept a situation where Yemi is enjoying her husband and mine at the same this denying me the opportunity to enjoy my husband"

The incident which happened at 13, Adealu Street, Dopemu, Lagos has left the victim's nose badly damaged and she needs plastic surgery to fix the nose. The neighbour, Mrs. Yemi Adelani, a mother of four denied having any affair with Wasiu Amoha, the husband who lived in the same building with her family.

Wasiu, who also denied having an affair with his neighbour confirmed that Ruka's, constant quarrelling and attitude was the reason he has starved her of sex.

Mrs Ruka was arrested and charged  for assault and granted bail. She could not meet the bail conditions and has been reprimanded at kirikiri prisons.

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