Saturday, 7 July 2012

Mother mistakenly kills child while force feeding.

Chinwe, a housewife and bread vendor at Tedi Town in Ojo local government area of Lagos State, was said to be force feeding her one year-old daughter, Ada, a meal of pap at home when she soffocated and died. The mother raised alarm and her husband and neighbours rushed the baby to the hospital where she was confirmed dead.

Most people practise force feeding by cupping a handful of the baby's food over the baby mouth and closing the nostrils. The baby opens the mouth to breath and in the process swalllows the food being forced into the mouth. This means the baby must eat and breath from the mouth at the same time.

Force feeding has always existed in Africa but alot of people frown at it. So i gotta ask the ladies here, will you ever force feed your child? As a man, will you allow your wife force feed your child?



  1. I don't support force feeding! I don't force feed my child and I won't advice anyone to do it. :(,its an unfortunate incidence tho and I hope other parents will learn frm this.

  2. i am totally against it and i will never allow my wife to do it to my child. If a child refuses to eat, it could be because they dont like the food or are sick. So, i will change the food or take the baby to the hospital!