Monday, 23 July 2012

Our First Lady is now an Oliver Twist?

Dame Patience was recently sworn in as a Permanent Secretary under VERY controversial circumstances as the appoinment did not make sense, aleast not to me! Making a speech at the event, she decided to go 'Oliver Twist' on us by even requesting that the office of 'Wives of politicians' should be recognized so they too can get benefits! Hear her:

“We the wives of political office holders, if our names are not in the constitution and our husbands retire with benefits, the Constitution amendment committee should also look into the issue of wives of political appointees. We should be included in the Constitution so that we too can retire with benefits. With that we can enjoy our career”.

If you guys do not think the statement above is crazy and funny at the same time then there is a problem ooo. Our First Lady has publicly  said she wants to be able to eat the national cake too when her husband leaves office. Sadly this is Naija, it can actually happen.

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