Friday, 20 July 2012

"I did not know Prezzo was playing a game" - Goldie

 Goldie held a press conference after her eviction at Protea hotel, ikeja and she had some questions to answer:

Why were you crying when you got evicted?
"That is who I am. That was how I was brought up. I am a very emotional person. But I cried mostly because of the betrayal that I felt from Prezzo! He was the last person that I thought could betray me. He was always giving me hope. cheering me up as one of West African representative. He showed solidarity to the course of the Region. I thought he was my friend! So, I was emotional when I realized he played me"

How did you feel when you found out that Prezzo played you and even nominated you earlier in the game?
  "I didn't know much or watched Big Brother very much before I got there due to my busy schedule as an Artiste. So, I never suspected that Prezzo played me because he cared for me in the House and when I say you are my friend, I will trust you wholeheartedly. But when I came out of the House and realised that he had played me, I was a bit sad. Knowing that he was in the house to play a game, I became relaxed".

Was what you had for Prezzo a strategy to win?:
It wasn't a strategy to win. I saw Prezzo as a calm, very intelligent and easy going person. Viewers have the option of seeing about 50 cameras at a time but I have just two eyes and two ears and only believe in what I saw. You had the opportunity of knowing him more than I did.

I bet some of you didnt know Goldie is married, well, she is. I hope her attitude in the house will not affect her marriage. Goodluck to her.

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