Friday, 1 June 2012

BABA SUWE actually had drugs concealed - NDLEA Commander

 Did NDLEA just confirm that Babab Suwe's jazz is stronger than their machine? Or was it a case of 'The more you look......the less you see?

Well, read his response in an interview by Sunday Trust recently.

In a recent interview, the Murtala Muhammed International Airport Commander of National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), Mr. Hamza Umar, claimed that he has forensic evidence that popular actor, Babatunde Omidina aka Baba Suwe, ingested drugs.

Apart from the case of Baba-Suwe, has your machine ever failed you?

Mr. Hamza:
“This machine you are seeing here is 99.9 percent accurate. It has never said this man has this and we find contrary. You said apart from, I know you are going into Baba-Suwe’s matter. Let me clarify myself. You see, before his arrest, I do not know who Baba-Suwe is. My binding factor with Baba-Suwe is that machine. He was travelling with a group of friends and the machine picked him and said he had drugs concealed in him.

When the matter was becoming controversial, I asked if there is a good screening center here in Lagos. I was told of the University of Lagos teaching hospital and I asked that they should take him there. I did so to have an independent opinion from a professional. He was taken there and the Chief Radiologist said look, I have to get my Consultant. He and the Consultant examined, tested and screened him with their machines and gave me the report in writing.

Our medical team collected the written report and brought to me. The hospital said in the report that Baba-Suwe had drugs concealed in his stomach. In the report, they said they analyzed him from the head, to the body and down to the legs and concluded that his stomach is invested with particles that are consistent with narcotics. But they said in the report that they cannot specify the drugs by name.
They suggested that it could only be specified by laboratories. Mind you, I am not an expert in that field. I am only an officer of the NDLEA. If you were in my shoes will you release that man? I did not stop at that anyway, I insisted I wanted another report from another group of experts.
I was told that there was another well-equipped place that they call Me-Cure here in Lagos. I said take him there also. I referred him there and they gave me the same result. I will show you the two results before you leave.”

Ok, we have heard you Sir, oya, please pay the compensation first and you can take it from there!

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