Thursday, 2 August 2018

Horrific: Man Gets Toilet Brush Stuck Inside His Skull Through His Eye After Falling In His Bathroom (Photos)

An unfortunate man has suffered a really tragic misfortune after he fell inside his bathroom and got a toilet brush stuck in his skull.
The 60-year-old slipped and fell on the brush - impaling himself
A man has died after slipping in his bathroom and getting the handle of a toilet brush wedged in his skull through his eye socket.
The unnamed 60-year-old was rushed to hospital near the Russian capital Moscow but eventually died after falling into a coma following surgery.
Surgeons had to “open the man’s skull” in an attempt to remove the brush, which was embedded in his head through his right eye.
The victim had slipped on the floor of his bathroom at his home in the town of Istra, reported newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets.
He tragically fell on top of the toilet brush – impaling himself.
The man was given an MRI scan and X-ray plus strong antibiotics, according to reports.
He was treated at this Moscow hospital
A disturbing picture shows the victim at hospital with the brush was still embedded in his head.
Doctors struggled to remove the handle of the brush despite managing to cut it off immediately above the eye, reports
It was not possible to remove the handle straight away, reports local media.
Surgeons decided to open the man's skull after a broken bone meant the 60-year-old was reportedly at risk of brain damage.
According to reports, medics removed the broken bones first and then the handle of the brush.
Following the surgery, which appeared to be successful, the patient remained in a coma.
After being moved to his local hospital in Istra, he died while still in the coma “some days later”, reports Moskovsky Komsomolets.

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