Monday, 17 August 2015

UPDATE: Missing Indoesian plane found

The missing Indonesian aircraft that was carrying 54 people on board that was missing has been found. A search plane has now spotted suspected debris. Locals say a plane crashed into a mountain.

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Indonesia's transport minister said the aircraft has been found by local people in the Bintang highlands region. 

Indonesia's postal office told the BBC that the plane was carrying four bags containing cash, about 6.5 billion rupiah ( $486,000) for villagers living in remote paces in Papua.

The head of Jayapura's post office, Haryono said: 

''Our colleagues carry those bags to be handed out directly to poor people over there,'' said Haryono 

Reports say the aircraft has been spotted but officials are yet to get to the site, because of how dense the forest is.

sources:bbc, ihinian.blogspot

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