Sunday, 16 August 2015

Senators disagreed to cut their allowances and salaries


Nigeria has spent close to 12,967,600,000 in the last two months to maintain the National Assembly members. The Senators which are about 109 got N36.4 million each and the House of Representatives (HOR) got N25 million each. 

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Last month they senators got N13.4 million each and the House of Reps members, N7 million each which is meant to be their quarterly allowance. Since their inauguration, the legislators have gone on recess three times before going for another last week Thursday. Due to the sitting, the senators got N13 million each and the HOR got N8 million each and no single bill has been passed since they began sitting in June.

Last week Wednesday, senators disagreed to cut their salary and allowances as recommended by the Finance Committee. The committee recommended a 30 percent cut. If they agreed the money saved from taxpayers money would have been N2 billion yearly.

If it is accepted, it means N2 million will be reduced from the N51 million quarterly allowances under the 7th senate or about N874 million saved from each years quarterly allowances alone.

The HOR reduction of their quarterly allowances from N39 million to N33 million will save the nation about N2.1 billion, made up of N6 million reduction in each members allowances over four quarters.

This coming after President Buhari and his Vice, Prof. Osinbajo had their salaries cut by 50 percent. Nigerians have criticized the senators for rejecting the proposal to cut their pay 


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