Friday, 14 August 2015

Curfew in Ile-Ife after Ooni's burial


The town's chief has said the curfew will be imposed in Ile-Ife after the Ooni's burial. This because the burial rites will continue for the next seven days. 

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The spokesperson to the chiefs, Chief Dejo Adejobi, said the restrictions for movement would start from 4 p.m yesterday and would last for the next seven days.

The town criers from the palace moved round the town to enforce the chief's order.The town criers warned violators to obey the order of face the consequences of their actions.

He said: 

'Around 9.30 a.m some persons from the palace came to Oja Titun and started beating traders and driving away traders. They said the people knew the burial rites still continued but came out to dare them.
“They have shut down the market and they said the rites would continue for seven days

According to the a resident who visited the Itakogun market to buy some things, said some palace messengers went round ordering traders to close their shops and vacate the market. Some residents frowned on the way the palace messengers flogged traders and those who crossed their path, saying the chief should have gone to the radio to announce that the market would be closed for seven days.

The curfew will cause restriction of movement for those invited for the interdenominational service before the Ooni would be buried. 

The interment which would take place at the palace would only be witnessed by some traditional chiefs. 

The gates of the Ooni's palace was wide open when visited the palace on Thursday. This was one of the signs that the the Ooni had left the world.

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