Monday, 17 August 2015

British Principal-Teaching Nigerian pupils is difficult because they are intelligent

A British principal at the Premier Academy Lugbe, Abuja, Mr Graham Meredith, said teaching in Nigerian schools is a herculean task. He made this known during the schools sixth graduation ceremony.

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He said...

''To be a principal in Nigeria is not an easy job because the kids want to learn. When you have pupils that want to learn and improve themselves, it becomes a big challenge as you have to prepare because they are intelligent.''

He also stated that ''The pupils want to learn and they see it as an opportunity to go to the United states, Canada, United Kingdom and Europe to further their careers. They work and study hard and have good manners. From what i have seen, Nigerian pupils 
are also very respectful.''

He also supported the fact that teachers are motivated to give their best at all times.

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