Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Yemisi Suswam lands Nigeria without husband

The wife of the former governor, Yemisi Suswam, landed Nigeria on Sunday without her husband but accompanied by a young lady. The couple had domestic crisis in the United Kingdom. Yemisi and her husband left Nigeria for the United Kingdom few hours after handing over to leadership of Benue state to Samuel Ortom. 

All over the media news went viral that Suswam was arrested in his luxury home in London after the Police received a distress call from his wife Yemisi. According to  thestreetjournal, Yemisi reportedly told a dispatch over the phone that she feared for her life after being physically assaulted by her husband. 

Suswam had already denied the rumours saying it is false and baseless, but the latest reports shows all is not well with the Suswam's family. Their argument was because of her husband's extra marital affairs and she couldn't tolerate it anymore. One of his mistresses named Shidoo is believed to be be heavily pregnant for Suswam. 

The former governor had been linked with several girls including a former Idoma beauty queen.


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