Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Sokoto State government to make education compulsory

The Sokoto State Governor has said the state government is trying to make education compulsory in the state. It will also punish parents who refuse to comply. He has forwarded a bill to the Sokoto  House of Assembly.

According to the governor, the move is aimed at boosting school enrollment and providing quality education to every child as required by local and international laws. To enhance the new policy, the state government will build and equip 240 primary and tertiary healthcare centres in the three senatorial zones of the state. Tambuwal said the policy is necessary in view of the high percentage of parents that deliberately frustrate the government efforts to educate children.

The governor made this known while addressing, traditional, religious and political leaders from the 11 local government areas of the state who paid him a sallah visit in Sokoto. He appealed to his visitors to support the new initiative. He said this will provide vocational training centres and employment opportunities for the youth and other vulnerable member of the society.

He said if the state gets its education priorities right many ills of the society will be taken care of and the government has made adequate arrangements to cater for the educational needs of its citizens and anyone caught flouting the new rule will not be spared.     

The Sokoto State Governor noted that the founders of Sokoto Caliphate made their marks in areas of education and scholarship, therefore there's no excuse if their successors failed to provide at least basic education to its future leaders.

source: premiumtimes

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