Thursday, 30 July 2015

Sergio Romero admits he's a little bit crazy!!!

Romero who just got signed into Manchester United admits he's a little bit crazy. He was once hot headed and there's one incident that will stick in his memory from his Dutch club AZ Alkmaar. 

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'' I remember a time playing at Alkmaar. One day, we lost a match and i got mad. I was so angry with a defender in my team- i was truly furious with him. 

''When i wanted to punch him, i decided not to to do it. Instead of that , i punched the wall three times. 

''A bone in my hand was broken immediately. I remember Maradona telling me after that, please don't be stupid, take care of your hand as they are your tools.

''He was so right. So now it can be said that I'm still a little bit crazy- but I'm also more intelligent.


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