Thursday, 2 July 2015

Rick Ross granted bond

Rick Ross the famous rapper who is accused of assaulting two workers last month has been released after an usual deal was made. He has agreed to forfeit $5 million fayetteville property if he violates the conditions of the bond. He spent a week in jail. Ross appeared for his bail hearing Wednesday afternoon along with his bodyguard Nadrian James and was released after posting a hefty bail according to sources. 
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The conditions are that he will put up $1 million equity from the ex-Holyfield mansion he owns as well as another property, $500,000 surety bond and $500,000 in cash.

His lawyer stated that he would forfeit the 'fayette County' the Holyfiend property if he does anything to obstruct justice or intimidate any witness. The judge granted the lawyers requests. 
   Rick Ross                                          James Nadrian

Ross and his bodyguard were arrested on June 24th after beating the two workers because they threw a birthday party on June 4, at Ross' estate without his consent. They beat them up and one of the victims suffers extensive injuries which includes two chipped teeth and a neck injury making it difficult for him to chew food, so he is restricted to a liquid diet and soft foods. 

Ross and his bodyguard were charged with kidnapping and aggravated battery. The rapper was additionally charged with aggravated assault and both men are booked into the county jail, where James will remain till August 13th pending a hearing.

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