Saturday, 25 July 2015

Obama visits Kenya

United States President, Barrack Obama visited Kenya on Friday. He is the first United States President to visit Kenya. 

''I am proud to be first U.S president to visit Kenya, he said, ''Obviously, it is personal for me. It's the reason why name is Barack Hussein Obama. My father came from these parts. I have a family here.''

'' It is wonderful to be back in Kenya''

Locals defied lock down and celebrated his visit.

''We have been waiting for Obama to visit since he became president, we want to thank God he has finally arrived,'' said Grace Wangeci, a vegetable seller in Nairobi. ''We thank him for fulfilling his promise to the country before he leaves the presidency.'' 

At the summit, Obama praised the Kenya's economic growth that Africa is ''on the move'' as one of the fastest growing continents in the world.

source:usatoday, ihinian.blogspot

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