Saturday, 25 July 2015

Fire at the pool side of Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas

A large fire near the pool of the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas on Saturday. The Clark County Fire Department confirmed that it responded to a second alarm fire at luxury hotel and casino on Las Vegas Boulevard.

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Sandra Baker a spokesperson for the fire department, said that a call came in at 12:16 p.m, emergency vehicles were dispatched at 12:17 and the fire fighters managed to knock down the fire at 12:47.

''It was an outside fire and we had good access, so it wasn't like fighting and inside structure fire. we practice and drill all the time at our hotels and casinos here, ''Baker said in an interview with Yahoo News. '' We know how to get our hose line quickly.

Several trees and cabanas on the pool deck were burned but the fire only extended slightly into the building, authorities said.

The cause of the fire wasn't known at that time but a witness, who was on the pool deck at the time said to the Las Vegas Sun that the hotel workers suspect that the fire was ignited by a cigarette that was thrown into a bush from the pool deck or one of the floors above. 


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