Thursday, 16 July 2015

Father who ran away after wife gave birth to twins has returned home.


Mr Citizen Uche who ran away after from his home and family in February after he was told by his wife that she was having twins. He returned home on the 15th of July.

 The couple already have two sets of twins, with the new addition they now have six children. He works in a factory and his income is to small to take care of his basic needs. According to The Nation, they now live in Ogun State and were living in a dilapidated house in Agege, but they moved into a mini flat with the money she got from kindhearted Nigerians after he ran away. 

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Citizen Uche speaks on why he ran away...

''Like i told you over the phone, it is not easy for me. I contemplated suicide on several occasions. I cannot believe i am here holding my kids for the first time since they were born three months ago. When i left, i initially went to the village where i spent  a month. After that i came back to Lagos but stayed with my friend around Oko-Oba in Agege. I still live with him i know i was not far from my home. I was ashamed to come back to that house to see them without a better solution on how to cater for my home. I was ashamed to come to that house to see them after i had abandoned them and run away,but after our discussion and my wife told me that had moved. I went to our old house and asked one of the neighbours who had been here for direction so that i could come and see them...he said''

His wife, Ruth expressed gratitude to God and the Lagos State government for uplifting her family, saying that even her mother-in-law who never used to call now calls her frequently.

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