Friday, 6 September 2013

Co-joined Nigerian twins successfully seperated in India

Nigerian twins Hassana (left) and Hussaina (right) Badaru were separated during an 18 hour operation in New Delhi. They are pictured after the operation with their parents, Badaru Mannir and Malama Badariyya Badaru.

The twins, who were born with a condition called pygopagus had fused spines, shared a gastrointestinal passage and genitalia. The one year old twins were separated after a marathon operation on August 12.

The Nigerian doctors contacted by the parents of the twins, had said it would not be possible to separate the twins here without sacrificing one of them.

The BLK Super Speciality Hospital in New Delhi had a team of 40 doctors working on the twins for 18 hours in what has been described as a pioneering operation.

The procedures - which cost an estimated £64,000 and were paid for by a Nigerian philanthropist - were so risky that doctors were forced to conduct practice runs on dummies.

I wish the girls a full and speedy recovery.

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