Monday, 5 August 2013

BBA : Angelo's home girlfriend revealed.

Candice Arends.

If you watch BBA, you may have often heard Angelo refer to his girlfriend back home at the beginning of the BBA journey. However, with his current tryst with Nigerian house mate, Beverly, he speaks less and less of her. One thing he always stressed on was the fact that their relationship is not exclusive as he cannot be faithful. well, meet the lady in question, Candice Arends.

So, what will happen when both house mates are out of BBA?

Will Angelo continue with Beverly or will he go back to Candice?

For now, Beverly and Angelo have engaged in a lot of  steamy session that resulted in them having sex. Beverly has come under heavy criticism for this. well, we wait....

Tweets they exchanged before he left for BBA. 

One picture of them after the cut.

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