Monday, 29 July 2013

Nigerians to start paying £3,000 UK Visa bond from November

Nigerians who fall under what the UK Immigration classify as "High Risk" applicants would be required to pay £3,000 bond for them to be granted visitor visas to the UK.

Nigerians are amongst 6 countries the UK designate as having a high number of people who violate the terms of visa granted them by either over-staying or abusing medical and other public services in the UK.

The Nigerian government has protested against the introduction of this bond but the UK government has however decided to go ahead with it from November this year.

The bond fee would be returned to the visitor upon his departure from the UK if they have kept to the rules and did not abuse the system.

UK high street retailers have kicked against this scheme as Nigerians are amongst the much needed high spenders when it comes to shopping in the UK.

Other affected countries include Pakistan, India, Kenya, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.

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