Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Do you know your car signs? Try this dashboard test.

The signs may differ for models but 12 are constant in all car models. So how may signs can you identify? Do not cheat, read through before looking at the answers below.

1. Car horn  
2. Oil pressure warning 
3. Brake/handbrake warning  
4. ABS warning  
5. Battery warning  
6. Engine warning   
7. Hazard warning  
8. Engine overheat/coolant warning   
9. Airbag warning  
10. Seat belt warning   
11. Main beam   
12. Low fuel warning  
13. Front fog light              
14. Windscreen washer  
15. Windscreen defrost  
16. Rear window defrost  
17. Parking brake light   
18. Tyre pressure warning  
19.Power steering warning  
20. Start-stop indicator 
21. Press clutch pedal light  
22. Press brake pedal light   
23. Direction indicators  
24. Rear fog light  
25. Diesel particulate filter warning 
26. Water in fuel filter warning  
27. Automatic gear box warning  
28. Brake pad warning  
29. Cruise control warning/info  
30. Bulb monitoring/fault warning  
31. Glow plug/diesel pre-heat warning  
32. Service required or fault/problem 
33. Stability control (also known as ESC, ESP, ASR or DTC) warning

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