Saturday, 1 September 2012

New Lagos traffic laws gazetted and now in FORCE!!

Gov. Fashola of Lagos
The Lagos State Government has announced that the new Traffic Laws signed into law on August 2nd has been officially gazetted on Thursday, August 30th. The time in between was used for public enlightenment, the government said.

This means the new laws are now effective and the government has said it is ready to commence enforcement of the laws. Commercial motorcycles popularly known as Okadas have been banned from operating on 475 routes in the state.

The new laws replace the one enacted in 1949 when the state had only 300,000 inhabitants as against a current population of 20 million.

May we all drive with care and not be caught on the wrong side the new rules!

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  1. The penalties are too stiff, our governor please look into them again.