Tuesday, 21 August 2012

ODESHI: Armed robber shot 20 times survives

This man was shot 20 times and survived!
Identified as Ayodeji Ojo along with 3 other members of his gang were notorious robbers along Ibadan/Akure Expressway and Osu/Ilesha Road in Osun State. They extorted passengers and sometimes raped their female victims. Luck ran out on them when members of a vigilante along with police opened fire on them when they were operating.

One of the armed men was killed, he was shot and captured whle two others escaped.

Was it charm or did the bullets miss the vital organs in his body? Whatever the case, it is a good thing when evil people are stopped from harming others.

According to Ojo, "We are four members in our gang. We robbed and raped passengers along Ibadan/Akure Expressway. We came from Lagos State to rob passengers on the expressway.

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"We robbed a 14-seater bus along Akure Expressway around 10.00pm. The victims were old women and ladies. We told them to lie down in the bush and robbed the old women and collected N43,000. My gang raped some ladies among them.
"After the operation, my own share was just N9,000. It was the gang leader, Uche, who promised me that after each robbery operation, I would be receiving N1million.
"That was why I followed them from Lagos State to Ibadan/Akure Expressway and robbed passengers.
"It was when we wanted to rob another bus that we used our car deliberately to hit a trailer lorry, which prompted some buses to stop. We started to rob passengers, we chased them into the bush. It was when we were coming out of the bush that we saw another 14-seater bus. We attempted to rob the passengers, but they opened fire on us. I received 20 bullets from dane guns and I called my other gang members on phone to rescue me.
"As they were coming, the local security men and the police again opened fire on them and one of them died, while two others escaped with bullet wounds."
Asked whether his family knew he was a robber, he said: "I didn't tell my wife that I am an armed robber. I lied to my wife that I wanted to go for night vigil. My wife always thought I was in the church at night."


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