Thursday, 9 August 2012

Manchester United to try out Usain Bolt

Bolt spoke of his love for soccer after his men’s 100 metres win on Sunday, insisting that he has the physical attributes to make it as a professional player.

Man. United’s defender Rio Ferdinand reached out to Bolt through Twitter
“If you want that trial at Man Utd shout me. I’ll speak to the boss. Well done in 100m.”

Bolt replied:
“After the Olympics we work on that … lol … thanks man.”

Well, Man. United has responded by giving him the chance to prove his talents after the Olympics, with a source telling Yahoo! Sports that the Jamaican superstar would be invited to the team’s training base in Carrington, a suburb of Manchester.

The source said: “Just like everyone else, the players are huge fans of Bolt and have massive respect for him. We would love to have him along, after he spoke about the club after the most-watched race in the world, it makes perfect sense. We would welcome him with open arms, and it would certainly make all the boys and the coaching staff pretty excited to meet him and see his skills. They would love to see what he has got with the ball.....Think about it. It would be the kind of thing that would give everyone a lift. We’ve done similar things before.”

Do you think Bolt’s blistering speed would be a major advantage in soccer?

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