Monday, 20 August 2012

Kanye West to reconcile Don Jazzy and Dbanj

According to reports, Kanye West wants Dbaj and Don Jazzy to reconcile. I really do hope they reconcile though as the two were really good together. Read the report below:

"DB Records owner and pop artiste D’Banj is desperately trying to reconcile with his former Mo’ Hits partner Don Jazzy. In a bid to get his former maverick producer back, D’Banj asked Kanye West to talk to Don Jazzy. A few months ago the rap superstar called Don Jazzy to try and get the two Mo’ Hits owners to forget the past and work again. Our source who is close to both D’Banj and Don Jazzy confirmed this to be true and says that D’Banj’s attempt to get Don Jazzy back has been going on for sometime.
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Our news story also coincides with Kanye West, Don Jazzy and D’Banj story in today’s edition of City People. According to the magazine, “Kanye West, believed to be at the center of the controversy that led to their fight is making efforts to reconcile them…Kanye West was not aware of the fight between D’Banj and Don Jazzy until 3 months ago and has been trying to get them together.”

The City People story goes on to say that “while he was in the studio with D’Banj some weeks back working on the remix of “Scapegoat” Kanye West brought the topic up again and asked D’banj why Don Jazzy was not in the US with him working on the song. D’Banj was said to have told him that they are still friends but work on different platforms now. Again, Kanye is not happy about the fact that his name was on the internet as one of the reasons the duo fell apart. He insists they get back together if he has to keep working him. He prompted D’Banj to once again try and make up with Don Jazzy.

“Recently D’Banj invited Kanye West to come to Nigeria for the video shoot of “Scape Goat” remix he did with him. He accepted but gave a strict condition that he will come only after he has reconciled with Don Jazzy who must also be in the video.”

According to the City People story, after several attempts by D’Banj, Don Jazzy agreed to appear in the video on a condition that he gets paid for his appearance.

-City People/Popoffcentral


  1. wishing them the best in this reconciliation!

  2. Illuminati inspired reconciliation

  3. LOL@ 'Illuminati inspire'.....there is no such thing!

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