Sunday, 12 August 2012

Female Banker, Yinka Johnson accused of killing a LASTMA official speaks

Johnson's car about to be towed from the scene of the accident
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Yinka Johnson, the female banker, who was arrested on Friday by the police for allegedly crushing an official of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority to death while driving against traffic, has said the alleged crime was a frame-up and added that there were no blood stains on her car. The lady spoke with PUNCH, excerpts below:

She said, “I was driving on Lekki-Epe Expressway trying to navigate to the other side of the road when I was accosted by a LASTMA official. The path I took was a one-way road but residents of Ikota Estate usually take it because of the ongoing road reconstruction on the alternative road. While I was discussing with the LASTMA official, a vehicle crushed another official a few metres away, causing commotion.”

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Johnson said she did not run away from the crime scene as it was not far from her home but instead, alighted from her car during the pandemonium and called her husband. According to her, after the LASTMA officials drove her car way, she went to the police station with her husband to report the incident. 
 “When I got to the police station, the area commander immediately took over the case and took me to the office of the commissioner of police. I heard the state governor had already told him about the case.When I narrated my ordeal to the CP, he did not believe my story. He immediately ordered that I should be taken to the SCID.”

Maintaining her innocence, she decried the situation where her baby was being kept behind the counter with her.
“My baby has been crying because of hunger and I cannot even feed her well here. I still have my stitches from the caesarean operation. I am the innocent person here, yet I am being made to pay for what I did not do.”

Due to the sensitive nature of the case and the minor involved, Project Alert, a non-governmental organisation and some legal luminaries were also at the SCID on Saturday.

In an appeal to the state government, Johnson urged the governor to properly investigate the matter and not just rely on what he was told by LASTMA.
The GM, LASTMA Babatunde Edu who accused Johnson of the nurder, however, said he maintained his earlier position, adding that Johnson was the alleged killer.

A senior police officer, who craved anonymity, told our correspondent that Johnson would be charged to court on Monday for murder.


  1. I encourage the killing of LASTMA men. They are crude criminals. Let the killings continue.....

  2. no one .....LASTMA or not deserves to die like that.. so you encouraging their killing is wrong. They just need to be more professional in carrying out their job..that is all!

  3. Ds is so sad. I know some lastma officials can be really annoying(witness their madness once)But no matter what, no one deserve to die like that. The woman shld stop talkin in order not implicate herself further. I feel pity for the family of the deceased