Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Chris Okotie compares wife to Jezebel

The fact that Chris Okotie's second marriage has packed up is no longer news. The man of God who has been mute over the issue finally spoke up during his Sunday service sermon of August, 12, 2012.
The man of God verbally attacked his wife and compared her to the biblical jezebel and said if she liked she could go to BBC or CNN with whatever story she wants but he would never take her back.
He went further to say if other men of God do not judge he okotie will do just that.

News have it that Okotie has repossessed the wedding and birthday of Benz S class and BMW X6 respectively. Dont bother looking out for the cars as he has gone ahead to repaint ad changed the plate numbers of the cars.
Stephanie earlier took to her facebook page (read it HERE) to speak on her failed marriage which i believe prompted this new attack from Pastor Chris.

We may not know what really happened to make them bitter towards each other but collecting your gifts after giving them is all shades of WRONG!.


  1. Collecting tins he bought for her is just soooooo childish and wick. I mean she spent 4yeasrs if am not mistaken with him. Let him give her back all those years and night spent together if he can. Timaya acted in the same light and i tot that is just becos he is timaya, but Pastor Chris doing same is just not it.

  2. Dis is cruel and wicked, he just acted childish. God punish him.

  3. Pastor ooooo....but why?!

  4. This is unbecoming of a man of God!!!