Friday, 10 August 2012

BBA STARGAME: Talia apologises for her 'sexual acts' while in the house

Big Brother Africa stargame finalist Talia Hayward has appealed to her fans and Zambians to forgive her for her public fornication with fellow housemate Keagan of South Africa.
Speaking at a press briefing, Talia said:
“I would like to apologize to my fans and society for the activities that happened in the house. It is difficult to be in the house, there is too much pressure especially that there are a lot of people from different backgrounds and culture and in a small space"
“.......Being in that house can be overwhelming and it is difficult to control certain emotions”,
She acknowledged that she may not have represented her country-Zambia well but she asked for forgiveness as she was only human and bound to make mistakes.
Talia was initially tied to Angolan housemate Seydou who was later evicted and she ended up with South African housemate, Keagan, 21. Keagan emerged winner of the Big Brother Africa reality show and walked away the US$ 300, 000 grand prize.


  1. Did you use a condom? or you 'played live match'?

  2. Anonymous, are u asking Anita if she used a condom or u re asking talia. Pls be specific.

  3. You know i am referring to the story...Chris please stop been silly!

  4. I watched the whole show with Keagan and i feel she really embarrassed her family with that kind of randy behaviour. She just had a couple of days to leave BBA, why didnt she jst wait a lil longer?! kpesh!