Wednesday, 6 June 2012

SUICIDE: Victim posts last words on Facebook

Thia young man,  Ayodeji Balogun, a member of RCCG committed suicide after posting the message above on his Facebook wall. He injected himself with G0 90 and later hung himself on a mango tree at his residence in Ipaja, Lagos.

Update; He was said to have been accused of exam malpractices at the Open Universiry, Ikeja. He was accused by an invigilator named Ese of possessing some illegal materials in the exam hall.

We had a similar story some months ago, things maybe sad and look hopeless but suicide is never the way out.


  1. wow....wondering what he's being accused of, that will make him kill himself.

  2. why is our day to day life begining to reflet the western lifestyle so much, too bad i must say.

  3. 'Suicide' is a spirit. When it comes upon it's victim, the smallest issue is made to look like the end of the world. If you understand this then it's easy to see why a person would kill himself for the flimsiest of reasons. A life fully yielded to Jesus Christ is the only way out.