Saturday, 19 May 2012

Will you eat this mango?

Will you eat this mango that looks like it has human eyes if it was given to you?

The mango was discovered by 15year-old Mercy Appiah from Lolobi-Kumasi village in the Hohoe District of the Volta Region. Her discovery attracted a crowd and naturally, christains, a priest and agriculturist had some explanation for the strange fruit. Here goes:
  • Some Christians considered it a sign from God that the end is near or just another creative work from God..
  • A fetish priest said it is a message from his gods asking him to perform some rituals.
  • An agricultural extension officer, Mr Samuel Yawson, however told The Finder the human eye looking features that were found on the mango may occur as a result of the activities of fruit-eating worms, resulting in the fruit’s deformity.
  • Residents want the tree that bore the fruit to be cut down immeidately as it is a bad omen
Who do you think is close to the truth?.

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