Sunday, 27 May 2012

Transgender: How a HE became a She

Last week i did a report on Ms Sahara who was born a man (Clifford Oche) but is now living like a woman. I got alot of calls from friends and emails from people i didnt know on that report asking WHY someone will do that and most importantly HOW.  I came across the 'HOW' on the in the internet but  the 'WHY'  i guess is best answered by the individuals concerned.

The the first obvious signs on the transformation is the breast implants, although some of them stop there, others go ahead to have the total sex change. If you wish to see how that is done click the link below but please be warned, they are very graphic....... LINK


  1. The thing be like agwagwa prick. tufiakwa

  2. so he now she went through all those pain and risk to become what? What for? Will be glad if his now her reasons are been made known cos i still can't arrive at a conclusion why??????????????

  3. The good thing is that God never makes a mistake and had never made one by creating us in the gender we came. Leave the judgement.