Thursday, 24 May 2012

Strange: Parents force 8 year old to watch them have sex and lick their genitals

In an incident that smack the pinnacle of moral decadence, a Bulawayo couple made their eight-year-old daughter watch them having sex after which she was forced to LICK and SUCK their privates clean.
It is reported that on 8 April, the girl’s mother and step father (names withheld to protect the identity of the minor) were playing ‘adults bedroom game’. During the act, the girl’s mother reportedly called the girl who was watching television in the lounge to the bedroom where the ACTION was taking place. She is alleged to have ordered the girl to watch how THING were done in the adult world.
As per instruction, the hapless soul had no choice but to take heed of the order. The two unruly lovebirds engaged in all sorts of STUNTS, both possible ones and even those believed to be impossible. During the session, the woman is said to have told girl to imitate the GROANS and moans she was making. The little girl could do nothing but to comply.

As the encounter raged on, the couple is reported to have engaged in oral sex with the girl’s eyes firmly glued on the action. After fulfilling their wildest dreams in full glee of their child, the two are reported to have instructed the girl to do unto them what she had just seen. First to go was the girl’s mother who reportedly lay on the bed with her legs WIDE OPEN and told her ‘beloved daughter’ to lick her privates until ‘some fluid that were on it had vanished’.

Having allegedly completed that task as per expectations, next in line was the girl’s step-father who
also had his ‘anaconda’ sucked by the 8-year-old innocent mouth, it is alleged.The matter only came to light recently after a relative spotted the girl exhibiting to her mates her NEWLY ACQUIRED SKILLS. After being questioned, she revealed where she had learnt them from. Her mother and step-father were arrested and were hauled before Western Commonage magistrate, Mr Richard Ramaboea who remanded them in custody to 24 May after they failed to pay $100 bail.



  1. Ds does not sound real. Can it be? disgusting. D picture of ds story in my head is so irritating. Gosh.

  2. Hmm na wa o!They should be jailed.what is 100 dollars?

  3. I am no saint, but when i read through stuff like this i want the world to just end. this is crime against man (in this case girl) and God. they should be shot or stoned to death. am not sure this present world has done half of what sodom n gomorrah b4 God unleashed his wrath on them.
    this is totally unacceptable

    Mr. Sean

  4. thy burn in hell!

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