Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Selena splits from Justin Bieber over rumors of his romance with Rihanna?

 So, according to Mediatakeout, Selena and Justin's Bieber's young love maybe over. Rumor has it that Selena heard Justin was getting down with Rihanna and she obviously was not happy about that.
Rihanna and Justin have being friends for some time now and everyone thinks they are just friends. Time will tell the real story.

It turns out Chris Brown was aware of this and it was the reason he released the recent rap that was an attack on Rihanna. Let me just say.....If this turns out to be true,it will not look good for Rihanna as she is likely to come under even more attack.

However, in typical hollywood style, Selena is no longer following Justin on twitter and that is usually the first sign of trouble in any celebrity relationship.

I hope this is not true though, the two of them really look(ed) cute together.

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