Thursday, 31 May 2012

Muna and Modenine settle fued

At the Industry Nite yesterday, Muna had the opportunity to settle the ongoing beef MUNA & MODENINE CLASH by getting on stage and after doing some of her songs, she called up modenine by saying:

Now I want to do something I should have done a couple of weeks ago, ladies and gentlemen please can I call my friend, my brother, my hommie Modenine!

Modenine who was chatting with Ayo Shonaiya (Muna's Manager) at the time got on stage and said;

’It’s all good, I don’t take anything personal, this is the industry. We are here to make money out of this sh*t. SHout out to Ayo Shonaiya, for those who don’t know I’ve known him for like 10 years’.

I guess this puts everything at rest after Muna 'Pass the Mic' incident with Modenine at the Nokia 'Break the beat' competition.


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