Sunday, 27 May 2012

"I am in a serious relationship" - 'Gbenro Ajibade

Gbenro Ajibade coming from way back has done well for himself. He was interviewed by Punch today ....and from what he said about his relationship, he is quarter to go..... Ladies....last chance ooooo LOL!

read the full interview below

I am referred to me as Soji Bankole in the soap opera, Tinsel. I am fun loving, weird but a bit on the shy side.

How I got my Tinsel role:
Modelling got me on Tinsel. I have been doing fashion and photography modelling until my agent called me for an audition. I went for it thinking it was the usual fashion stuff. I didn’t know it was an audition for a soap opera— probably, I would not have gone. I was supposed to be there by 10 o’clock but eventually got there by 5pm! I was auditioned but didn’t expect anything to happen. Five weeks later, I was called and told that I’d gotten the role and was instructed to send my clothing measurements for a photo shoot. I never took them serious until I got to the venue of the shoot and I saw other cast members from other countries.

My modelling career:
I started in 2005. If I am counting from then, I’m sure I’ve done many fashion shows in Nigeria and about 17 TV commercials. These are aside from billboards and so many other adverts.

Growing up:
I hail from Kogi state, was born in Maiduguri but grew up in Benue state. I spent two years in Jos and from there, I moved to Benue. I had my primary education at the Makurdi International School (1986 – 1994) was in the secondary school, and later got a degree in Biology Education from the Benue State University. I never liked my course. I wanted to study computer science or medicine. I always knew I’ll never use the certificate.

I have always enjoyed attention:
 Right from the university, I have enjoyed attention. As a 200 level student, my friends compelled me to take part in a Mr. Campus contest and I won. Subsequently, I enjoyed everything and my love for the stage developed and grew. I started watching a lot of fashion shows, made a lot of research about modelling and I found out that I loved the whole business and the promised glamour.

My lateness to meetings:
 I always encounter traffic in meeting up different schedules and this makes me arrive late on set oftentimes.

My sexual harassment experience:
That has occurred so many times but I consciously channel the energy to something else.

My leisure:
I hang out with friends, play video games, basketball. I swim, do work out, engage in martial arts, I watch cartoons and cook.

My relationship:
 I am not married but I’m ‘seriously’ involved with someone.
People’s opinion of me: People always say to me, ‘you are doing a good job, keep it up.’ My response would always be, ‘thanks a bunch.’

My philosophy of life:
There is power in positive thinking.

After Tinsel:
 People should be seeing more of me on the big screen. I am living my dream and I have everything. I give thanks to God

What I want changed about me:
If I could, I would stop displeasing myself to please others. Why? Some people don’t deserve it.

Gbenro Ajibade is an actor on Tinsel, a M-net drama series and he won the Most Outstanding Actor Model in the Nigerian Model Achievers Awards 2011.

Doing very well for yourself...weldone!


  1. Obote man....Otato man.

  2. He really followed his dream...remembered him back in the days at BSU