Wednesday, 23 May 2012

How prostitute organized kidnap of customer!

On the D-day, Sunday May 6, 2012, the 26-year-old victim identified simply as Ayo reportedly received an urgent call from Esther for a meeting that evening. Formerly, the duo usually meet at Pekas, their first meeting point and from there, they will proceed to other night clubs within Ikeja, before ending up in a hotel where they will pass the night.
Sinister motive
But this night, there was a change of plan. Esther wanted Ayo to meet a friend schooling at Lagos State University, who she had boasted could be very good on bed as she does. Unknown to him, she was up to something more sinister than he could ever image. She later led him into the hands of three heavily-built men, armed with dangerous weapons, waiting to kidnap him.

Her Story:
I started thinking that if I could kidnap this Ayo, his father, a stinking billionaire would give any amount to get his only child back. I contacted my friend Patricia, and told her about it. We discussed it and she said it was a good shortcut to big money. I told her that I had nobody with whom I could do the job and she said she knew somebody called Kingsley Okenwa aka Dragon.
We demanded N10m from his father, but Dragon later collected only N5 million and five of us shared it."

The leader of the gang whose phone was used while negotiating the ransom was the first to be arrested by SARS.Through him, they were able to track others involved, including the two prostitutes who delivered Ayo to them. During the cause of their investigations, they discovered that the kidnappers hid the number of their phone while negotiating for ransom. But they were able to unravel the phone number and got the identity of the owner and went after him.


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  1. Up 9ja. So we have such technology now. Dat's very good. Bt how come such has not been used in previous kidnapps? I hope ds story no be wash sha ooooooooooooo.