Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Pictures: Real life barbie doll....

Valeria Lukyanova
 Former Miss Ukraine, Valeria Lukyanova  had surgery to look like the real life barbie doll in the real world. She increased her breast and reduced her waist and other features .She is said to eat only fruits to maintain her body.

I guess it is safe to say this is the white version of Nicki Minaj, no? You will recall Nicki Minaj too had surgery and now publicly calls herself barbie.

So, i have to ask:

Guys: will you want to date a woman that is this 'perfect'?
Ladies: Will you consider having surgery to look this perfect?

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  1. she actually looks like the real barbie.

  2. ewwww, plastic! looks too fragile, no meat... world don end finish na...

  3. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.

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