Friday, 16 March 2012

Woman gives birth after 75 days in labour lying upside down!!!

A Polish woman has given birth to two babies after lying upside down for 75 days in labour, it has been reported.
Joanna Krzysztonek from Wroclaw, south-west Poland, was pregnant with triplets, but lost one of the babies when she went into labour prematurely.

Doctors then came up with the idea of her lying nearly upside down to try to ease her contractions, and prolonged the labour to increase the babies chances of surviving.
Joanna told Reuters news agency that the prospect of lying upside down for weeks on end didn't bother her.
She told Reuters: "I sighed with relief that there was a chance to keep the pregnancy and to give the babies a chance to be born successfully."
Baby Iga and her brother, Ignacy were born on February 15, at 32 weeks.

Mariusz Zimmer, head of the Wroclaw obstetrics and neo-natal clinic where the babies were born said he considered Joanna to be in labour from the time of the birth of her first baby.
"This procedure - I mean giving birth - has a beginning and an ending. If the first baby was born that means the birth had started, " he said.
Both mother and babies are well. Once she got back on her feet again, Joanna initially had trouble maintaining her balance.
Iga and Ignacy, who were born prematurely, are housed in incubators where their mother can visit them regularly.

culled from yahoo news

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